Secret to Looking Young

Adults hate aging. This is true for men as well as women. Actually, this is probably more true for women.

Aging starts to make us aging-gracefullyfeel irrelevant. It makes us feel as if we’re slowly getting replaced. This is partially because we are indeed getting replaced.

We’re not just getting replaced because our knowledge and understanding of the world us is getting outdated, but we’re also getting replaced by younger and still better looking people when it comes to relationships. Especially intimate relationships.

No one wants to feel irrelevant, old, or like they are being replaced. Especially on a personal level. Which is why the cosmetic industry is booming so much right now. I say booming because… well… the millions of baby boomers getting of age now make that industry boom.

Aside from cosmetic products though, there are other things one can do to reverse aging. As my good friend Susan Bird – a beauty advisor and spokesperson for a breast enlargement serum company – would say: Cosmetics – although revolutionary – merely hide aging. True age-reversing is done through exercise, meditation, and diet.

In other words, cosmetics are a great way to deduct a decade off your looks, but to gain true age reversal, you have to be more proactive in taking care of yourself.

Exercise not only helps keep you fit, but has been shown to be a strong factor in keeping you look and feel young.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress. Stress has been known to age people rapidly. In fact, it is so devastating that it is known as the silent killer.

Lastly, and probably most important yet: Diet. What is it you stuff in to the hole beneath your nose? It’s not about going on regular diets, but rather having healthy eating habits in general. So – as your mother used to tell you – eat your fruits and vegetables. They’re good for you!

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